How The Right Attorney Can Make A Difference

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce or family law dispute in Texas knows first-hand that the laws are complex and the emotional investment can be frustrating. While there is no shortage of very qualified lawyers who offer family law services, finding the right one is often more challenging than most people first think.

Experience Matters, But It's The Focus That Makes The Difference

I am attorney Amy T. Ford. My approach to family law practice actually began before I passed the Texas State Bar, back when I was still in law school at the Texas A&M University School of Law. I had the opportunity to work at the school's legal clinic, providing services for people who did not have access to an attorney. When I opened my own law firm, my only focus was on family law, and it still is today.

While working at the legal clinic, I quickly realized how much the lawyer can impact the outcome of a divorce or custody matter. I also discovered that each case brings a unique set of circumstances.

Through Everything, I Work Hard To Instill Confidence — In Me And In Yourself

From our first meeting, I will work hard to help you feel comfortable that you have hired the right attorney.

I start by listening. Then we talk about a plan. Then we get to work. Throughout your case, you will find me ready and willing to answer your questions. I empower you with knowledge because there will be critical times when you have to make important decisions. I can't make them for you — no lawyer can.

Let Me Help You Step Into Your Future With Confidence

If you are going through divorce or are facing a legal challenge regarding a custody, paternity or enforcement issue, you deserve to know that your lawyers is focuses on one thing: the best possible outcome that meets your immediate needs, but takes into full account how your life will be impacted in one, five and even 10 years from now.

Need to discuss a Texas family law problem? Let's start with a free one-hour consultation. My full range of services include:

  • Divorce, uncontested "amicable" resolutions, as well as contested divorce litigation if trial becomes necessary. I am ready to help you with custody matters, marital property division and concerns about spousal support and maintenance.
  • Post-divorce issues, including modifications and enforcement of court orders such as alimony payments, child support and visitation rights with your children.
  • Paternity, including DNA tests to determine paternity. My clients include mothers seeking child support, as well as fathers who wish to take an active role in raising their child.