Protecting Your Children's Best Interests In Divorce

As a divorce lawyer, I hear it often from my clients, "I just want to make sure the children's best interests will be protected." Too often, the mother or father in my office then go about explaining that the only way that will happen is if they are given full custody and the other parent has very little access to the child's life.

Conservatorship And Possession Orders — Both Give The Parents Equal Access

The reality of divorce involving children is far different than what many parents hope for when filing for divorce. Most states refer to the legal process as custody and visitation. In Texas, the courts recognize it as conservatorship and possession.

In short, neither parent will enter the courtroom with a presumed preference as "the more important" parent. One will be granted primary conservatorship (child custody) because the courts know it is usually in the child's best interests to live in a home with a steady roof over their head.

But the other parent will usually be granted equal access regarding parenting time; because the courts recognize the importance of having both parents fully involved in their children's lives.

If your pending divorce in the Dallas metropolitan area will involve a child or children, make sure your lawyer understands the best ways to protect their best interests. Call me, attorney Amy Ford, in Dallas.

I will guide you through the complex issues related to divorce with children, including:

  • Resolving visitation scheduling disputes through mediation or negotiations
  • Negotiated common-sense agreements on conservatorship (custody)
  • Special scheduling needs for shift work, such as police officers and firemen
  • Special arrangements for extended possession time, school vacations, etc.
  • Guardian ad litem placements
  • Child abuse and domestic violence
  • Grandparent and extended family visitation rights
  • Special child support considerations
  • Transferring conservatorship and possession orders during military deployment

Child Support

Texas has child support guidelines set up per the Texas Family Code. They seem relatively straightforward, but there are many things that can influence a child support order depending on the child's best interest.

Not Afraid To Win In Court When Necessary

The courts expect parties to do everything possible to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom whenever possible but I will never let you agree to a loss. As your attorney, I will advise you to do everything possible to find common ground. It is often the most efficient, cost-effective solution and best for all parties, including the children. I also know settling outside of court isn't always possible. From the beginning of your case, we will prepare as if trial may become a necessity.


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