Protecting Your Financial Interests In Divorce

Not every divorce in Texas involves disputes over children. But that doesn't mean the final judgment doesn't have just an important impact on the parties. In many cases, dividing marital property and disputes about spousal maintenance become more heated than arguments over who gets custody of the children.

Under Texas law, most assets and debt accumulated during the course of the marriage will be recognized as marital property in divorce, and subject to equitable division between the spouses. (Inheritance by either spouse is a notable difference, but even then it must remain separate from joint investments and commingling.)

Proper valuation and equitable division of the assets is not as simple as converting everything to cash and dividing the pile of money between the spouses, however. Your attorney will need to understand the complex laws regarding property reporting and valuation.

Police Pensions
For police, firemen and government workers in divorce, fair property valuation and division is critical, as both spouses have a right to a portion of the pension and earnings accrued over the course of the marriage.

If you are considering filing for divorce in the Dallas metropolitan area, make sure your lawyer has experience to handle the complex details necessary to protect your future? Call me with your questions. I will explain the process and strategies to help you protect your financial interests.

My experience in divorces without children includes:

  • Spousal support and maintenance in cases of long-term marriages
  • Real estate valuation and title transfers
  • Business valuation, ownership rights and partnership issues
  • Marital debt obligations
  • Stock options and future value of investments
  • Deferred compensation and bonuses
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) for retirements savings and pensions
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Divorce financial planning

I Work Hard On Your Behalf — Because You Are Worth It

Although we will work together to resolve property division through mediation and alternative dispute resolution, I will never allow you to say yes to a loss. I am 100 percent committed to going to court, if necessary, to protect your financial rights now, and in the future.

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