Dallas Paternity Litigation Attorney

Whether you are the unmarried mother of a child seeking child support or unmarried father wishing to be involved in your child's life, Texas courts will not issue a formal order of conservatorship or possession (custody or visitation) unless there is proof of paternity.

Unfortunately, many people will not voluntarily agree to a paternity test, for a variety of reasons. Mandating the DNA test through a court order is often the only way to resolve the issue.

My experience in paternity and parental rights cases includes matters involving:

  • Court-ordered DNA testing
  • Possession orders, visitation rights for fathers
  • Conservatorship orders, custody rights for mothers
  • Modifications and enforcement of custody and visitation rights
  • Enforcement of child support payments
  • Proof of paternity for grandparents' possession orders

More Than A Paperwork Lawyer — An Aggressive Advocate On Your Behalf

If your circumstances dictate the need of DNA test to prove or disprove paternity of a child in the Dallas metropolitan area, call me, attorney Amy Ford. I will aggressively pursue DNA paternity test litigation. If we cannot get the other party to agree outside of court, trial is always an option and I am never afraid to go there.


No matter what your circumstances in a paternity litigation matter, I am ready to help. Call my office at 972-591-1890 or send an email with a brief overview of your situation.