Experience With Texas Alimony Issues

Texas recognizes two types of "alimony" in divorce. Spousal support is a temporary arrangement paid to one party to cover costs such as the house payment, utilities and other bills during the separation period before the divorce becomes final. The amount of spousal support is negotiated between the parties and is subject to change for the divorce judgment.

Spousal maintenance is what many people still think of as alimony, which is awarded as part of the final divorce decree. Maintenance may be awarded to one spouse on a temporary basis or permanent (until remarriage). Temporary maintenance is usually awarded in cases when one spouse requires additional training to return to the job market or until the sale of the house.

Permanent maintenance is typically only awarded in cases of long-term marriages, when one spouse will be at a significant financial disadvantage due to being out of the job market for a number of years.

Make Sure Your Lawyer Is A Strong Negotiator — And Ready For Trial, If Necessary

Understandably, spousal support and maintenance disputes are often the most frustrating and emotional between divorcing spouses. On either side, there are very real worries about financial stability following the divorce. It is important to have an attorney with the negotiating skills to lead you through the mediation process, but one who is not afraid to take your case to court, if the other side won't be reasonable.

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